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The Video Game Experts

Minimax Group is a leading video game software distributor in Western Canada. Our ability to acquire hard to find titles at the lowest prices allows us to pass the savings along to our customers. We combine a wealth of gaming industry knowledge with proven distribution expertise to deliver the hottest game titles to our customers, quickly and efficiently. Minimax Group prides itself on our broad selection of software, making it possible to hit low price points with solid titles. We know what titles will maintain a long shelf life, and we do everything in our ability to make sure we keep those titles in stock and available to you.

Recently we have begun stretching our inventory to include rare video game collectors editions that major stores may not carry, or bring enough in, providing even more ample opportunities for our customers to capitalize on. A recent agreement with a major Canadian distribution company has also allowed us to broaden our scope and begin carrying hard to find DVDs and Blurays, video game memorabilia and even video game accessories.

All these new additions to the Minimax Group architecture are just a few of the ways we are constantly growing. However, no matter how many changes, our business model of finding those rare titles is where we excel and the #1 reason our customers love our company.

Always remember: We carry the games that nobody else has!


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