MiniMax Group – The Video Game Experts MiniMax Group – The Video Game Experts

Core Team

Igor Tesker (aka. Big Boss)

Chief Executive Officer

Gamertag: None
“I’m the Boss, got a problem with that?”
Favourite Games: Games? Multiplayer? What is that? I have the company to run!

Igor Tesker opened his first company at age 19 and received his Ph. D at 27. Since then he has not stopped. He has built and run many successful start ups, in multiple industries. This 48 year old’s last project in the oil & gas industry employed 3,000 people in Russia. Nothing happens at MinimaxGroup without his approval. NOTHING! And we mean it. His true passion is traveling, which has taken Big Boss to 90 countries around the world. Please when you speak with him……don’t upset him!

Thomas Kerstrong (aka. Ryu)

Business Development Manager

Gamertag: Daddyfunkin
“Drop Beats not Bombs”
Favourite Games: Tony Hawk Pro Skater Series, Need For Speed, COD, Street Fighter and of course the Lego Series with his 8 year old son

A true tech enthusiast, Thomas has attended CES, Blizzcon, E3, GDC and Tokyo Game Show. His PC building background landed him a job with VoodooPC. A sales professional for ten years, his love for the industry has taken him around the world. A DJ on his weekend wars and a father of two, this 36 year old doesn’t get to play as often as he would like, but enjoys gaming with the team on the rare down time. If you are enquiring about our products or services, this is the guy who wants to help you out however he can.